Interview: Tim Armstrong discusses new Rancid album

Interview: Tim Armstrong discusses new Rancid album

Chris Coplan of Consequence of Sound conducted an interview with Rancid frontman/guitarist Tim Armstrong earlier this week. In the interview, he reveals that Rancid are expected to be back in the studio in the next couple months with Brett Gurewitz (the guitarist of Bad Religion) to start recording their new album and declares that the sessions will be a “family reunion, a celebration with wives and kids and the whole affair.” On the new album’s progress, Tim states:

“Every record we document where we are, so we don’t know what it’ll be. Each album shows us where we’re at in that moment in time, with the songs and the feelings that we’re experiencing, so it can change a lot in the next couple months.”

A release date for the new Rancid album is unknown, but we can still expect a 2012 release. They released their last album Let the Dominoes Fall in 2009 on Hellcat Records. As previously reported, Tim is now working on a new album with The Transplants, whose last album Haunted Cities came out in 2005.

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