Label Spotlight: DS catches up with DIY punk label Your Daughters Records

Label Spotlight: DS catches up with DIY punk label Your Daughters Records

A great man* once said that if you want a scene you should make it yourself.  Your Daughters Records is a small, independent, punk record label from Brisbane, Australia that has been taking that advise to heart, helping to build the local punk scene one quality punk-rock release at a time.  Dying Scene took some time out with label co-owner Ben Trotter to have chat about the ins and outs of running an independent record label.

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Who and what are Your Daughters Records?

YDR is 3 friends Ben, Denis and Duf, we’re a record label from Brisbane, Australia.

What is Your Daughters currently working on?

At the moment, the new Friends With The Enemy EP and a new Stolen Bikes Ride Faster release.

What is Your Daughters currently listening to?

Milloy – ‘Creating Problems While Practising Solutions’ and With Honor – ‘This Is Our Revenge’

When did you get started?

We started in mid-late 2008.


A lot of our friends play in punk bands in Brisbane, and some of them really had no way of getting their music out to people, so we thought we’d give running a label a shot.

What bands are on your roster?  (Current and previous)

Local Resident Failure, Stolen Bikes Ride Faster, Dementia 13, Friends With The Enemy, Vomit Bullets.

What releases have you been responsible for?

Local Resident Failure – ‘Still Sober After All These Beers’ 7″

Stolen Bikes Ride Faster – ‘Winning Hearts And Blowing Minds’ EP.

Dementia 13 – ‘In One Year And Out The Other’ EP.

Of those, which is your favourite?

Local Resident Failure ‘Still Sober After All These Beers’ as it was our first release and its the only 7″ we’ve done so far.

What are the challenges as a small label?

Well we’re 3 pretty substandard guys with pretty shitty jobs, so finances to run the label is the biggest challenge.

What are the perks of running your own label?

I guess we have come accross a lot of very good bands since we started this thing. We also double up as a promoter so we get a lot of bands enquiring about shows.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone wanting to start their own DIY label, what would that be?

Dont! haha. Nah in all seriousness, just think it through and ask around a lot before rushing into anything.

What are 3 things that the world should know about YDR?

We’re a pretty straightforward punk rock label, there’s not too much to know about us. The owners like beer, buy us a beer if you see us out, haha.

Any last words?

Come to a show, buy a release etc. Get amongst it.

Head on over to the bands MySpace pages to get check out Your Daughters Records handy work.

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Stay tuned to Dying Scene as we catch up with other great DIY punk labels.

*That great man might have been Brett Adams from The Riot Before

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