Introducing new punk band: Zapiain

Introducing new punk band: Zapiain

Here at Dying Scene, we are always trying to find new bands for you, the readers, to listen to. So today, we present you with UK punk act Zapiain. These guys have been going strong since 2007, and have put out 2 bad ass EPs and a full-length album, entitled “Jibberjabber,” which was released on January 15th via Bombed Out Records, since their formation.

They sound a lot like Face To Face, and what i’d imagine Blink 182 would have sounded like on “Dude Ranch” with Russ Rankin (Good Riddance, Only Crime) on vocals. So, if you like those bands, we recommend you give this band a listen!

You can download/stream the band’s first 2 EPs for free, and listen to the first 3 songs off their full-length album, “Jibberjabber,” right here.

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