Jermey Woods is back on bass in Authority Zero

Jermey Woods is back on bass in Authority Zero

m_e7fcc9a7ea6a4890b71e9d950f0753aaAfter recently losing their bassist DJ Farmer due to personal/creative differences, Authority Zero was faced with the dilemma of finding a new bassist. However, before beginning their search, it seems the band had an epiphany of sorts. Well, Jeremy Woods their former bassist contacted them. Here is what Authority Zero had to say about it:

AZ was left with question, “Do we find yet another bassist to try and fill the spot or…” That’s when the telephone rang. Who could it be other that our old friend and original bassist Jeremy Wood. After catching up a bit on life and it’s crazy changes, ups and downs and beyond, Jeremy asks, “So, who better to replace Jeremy Wood, than Jeremy Wood?”We implied, our sediments exactly! Long story short, he was back in the group asap, we hit the road, and have been back in the studio hammering away on our new album. Although we were going to keep it under wraps and make the big announcement at Fall Frenzy, we figured the cat was out of the bag after our live broadcast and acoustic set out in Florida. Didn’t want to leave our Zero’s on the edge of their seats any longer than we had to. ; ) We just want to say publicly, welcome back Jeremy, and Zero’s, keep your ear to the ground…there’s a storm a comin’.

The band has some upcoming shows. Check out the Dying Scene Shows page to see if they are playing in you city.

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