Jesse Michael’s of Op Ivy starts new band

Jesse Michael’s of Op Ivy starts new band

jessemich Operation Ivy‘s lead singer Jesse Michaels has started his new musical project, punk band Classics Of Love. Well actually he started it sometime last year, but we’re just finding out. Classics Of Love is fronted by of course, Jesse Michaels and is accompanied by 3 good friends, the GUYS of the band Hard Girls. Jesse states:

“Musically, we kind of hit it off instantly. It was a good first date. I really didn’t have any intention of starting a band, but when it worked out we just sort of went for it.”

The band is in the process of writing new songs and plans to put together a new full length album in the coming months. Michaels admits he’s not concerned about whether or not the new group will be signed to a major label.

To get a taste of Classics Of Love, go to the bands myspace page.

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