Jim Lindberg discusses new Black Pacific material

Jim Lindberg discusses new Black Pacific material

All the members of The Black Pacific recently sat down for an interview with The Punk Site, where they discuss their tour with Rise Against, their careers, the “Other F Word” documentary, their planned second album and a possible EP. When asked if the band has begun work on their second album, frontman Jim Lindberg replied:

“The last 5 months, I wish that we had more time to work on that. This is a brand new band, so getting the show lined up and getting various things sorted out takes time. We have a handful of songs that I really like a lot that just need lyrics and things like that. I have a ton of songs that need some work. When we get off of this tour I’d like to do an EP, because we have enough songs for that. We just need to get music out there.”

Over a year has passed since The Black Pacific released their self-titled full-length debut on SideOneDummy Records.

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