Jim Lindberg (The Black Pacific) talks about upcoming album

Jim Lindberg (The Black Pacific) talks about upcoming album

Jim Lindberg’s (The Black Pacific) recently talked about his feelings about his new band’s upcoming self-titled debut in his MySpace blog.  Here are a few key excerpts:

“Everyone was expecting that I’d slow down and go acoustic, but the thing most people don’t realize is that I wrote a lot of the music for Pennywise,” Lindberg explains. “It’s who I am. So if you have distorted guitars and my voice it’s inevitably going to sound similar, but I think there’s enough variety on the record that if you listen to the whole thing, there are some new, re-energizing influences as well.”

Making this album was really liberating because there were no rules about what I could do; if I wanted to add some new guitar effects or alternative tunings I had the ability to do that without worrying about altering some preconceived notion about what the songs had to sound like. I feel like this first record is a transition from what I’ve done in the past; I’ll always play this kind of music but with each record there will be more experimentation….

On one hand there’s a song like ‘Time Is Not The Reason’ that’s about personal liberation, but then there’s track like “The System” where right after I wrote the riff on guitar, it dictated what that song had to be about.

There’s also a song toward the end of the record called ‘Put Down Your Weapons’ that’s about how people use verbal artillery just to tear each other down, and defending their egos instead of really communicating” he continues when asked about the universal themes of the album. There are a variety of topics on the record that I hope will get people to think a little bit.

Sometimes it’s easy to get jaded, but when I plug in my guitar and we begin playing, it’s like starting all over again,. This band has reminded me of what I’ve always loved about playing music, and we’re just getting started.

The self-titled full-length is due out September 14th on SideOneDummy Records.

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