Joey Cape releases new song “Uniform” off new solo album “Doesn’t Play Well With Others”

Joey Cape releases new song “Uniform” off new solo album “Doesn’t Play Well With Others”

Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape has released the 7th song from his new solo release, Doesn’t Play Well With Others. The song is titled Uniform and it can be bought in his online store.  Here’s what Joey had to say about the song:

My new song this month of July is entitled “Uniform”. It was simply inspired by the feeling that I am raising a naive and pure child in a country divided by ignorance, tradition and hate on the fringe of fascism. We are deeper polarized by two party’s policies and it seems it doesn’t matter what there policies are anymore. In the followers case it is the old idiom “The blind leading the blind”. We are figuratively and somewhat literally asked to wear the Uniforms that our parents wore and for better or worse we are losing sight of the reason that 2 points of view or many points of view exist, to find the best and most peaceful answers for everyone. I see that bumper sticker…”Coexist” and I think, Americans no longer want to coexist. They are angry and they want, even need to fight and they don’t need reason or substance to do so.. They want strife. It gives their seemingly meaningless lives small meaning and purpose. In my life ideals are casualties, slain by the immediate gratifications and the nature of sheep.

Each month, Joey will be releasing one song from the new recording until all 12 have been delivered at which point the CD/LP will be unleashed.  The previous 6 tracks can still be purchased on Joey’s website.

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