Kepi Ghoulie streams “Fortune Teller” off upcoming solo album “Kepi Goes Country”

Kepi Ghoulie streams “Fortune Teller” off upcoming solo album “Kepi Goes Country”

Former Groovie Ghoulies frontman Kepi Ghoulie is releasing a new solo album titled Kepi Goes Country tomorrow (November 18th) via Eccentric Pop Records and today we’re very pleased to bring you an exclusive stream of one of its tracks.  Stream “Fortune Teller” below while you read this message from Kepi about the release:

I have been playing music for over 30 years, and if you asked me to hand you ONE recording of what I have accomplished with my life, THIS would be it! 🙂

Recorded near a castle in France (no kidding, we are already on a magical path here, yes?), and then brought back to California, where the talents of Lucy and Gwendolyn Giles (Dog Party) were added to the production, mandolin, keyboard stylings, and more from the incomparable Third Man recording artist David Houston, this thing just kept growing with depth and beauty…

This is a project that I have been wanting to undertake for the last few years… comingfrom a punk/rock n roll/garage background and a love of roots music, and touring relentlessly acoustic for the last few years, and I am so happy with the way that this turned out!!

We often call this thing we do, this business of ours, a music industry… ultimately, however, the thing that we are selling is ART, and sometimes the ART gets lost in the commerce…

With “Kepi Goes Country,” what you have transcends ART and commerce! Sure it is both, but what you have is FRIENDS having FUN, creating MEDLODY and POSITIVITY in a musical environment, and to me, that is EVERY SINGLE REASON to get into this line of “business” after all!

Sure the record title is a tip of the hat to the legendary record created by Jonathon Richman, isn’t he an inspiration to ALL of us? He sure should be.. making music, traveling the world, making people happy… sounds good to me!

I have spent 30 years making and performing music, and if I could do this EVERY night, with THIS batch of people, I would be a very happy fellow! But from here I will be off to do other projects with other awesome friends…

“Kepi Goes Country” represents a personal high mark in a very long and fruitful career, I sincerely hope you feel the same way! If not, that’s cool too, because this is ART, and ART is subjective! I hope you are having an amazing day, finding some music, art, or friends that give you a great feeling! Cheers, and thanks for listening!

Your Pal, Kepi

[Audio:fortune-teller.mp3|titles=Fortune Teller|artists=]

Kepi Ghoulie’s last solo release was 2012′s Kepi For Kids. Groovie Ghoulies earlier this year released Flying Saucer Rock N Roll, a compilation of the band’s first three 7″s onto one LP.

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