Kid Dynamite tribute album “Carry the Torch” released today

Kid Dynamite tribute album “Carry the Torch” released today

kid-dynamite-tribute-carry-the-torch“Carry the Torch”, a tribute album to hadrcore punk legends Kid Dynamite was released today on Black Numbers and Get Outta Town Records.  The compilation features Kid Dynamite covers by over 20 punk bands including No Trigger, Smartbomb, Braodway Calls, and more.  Click to the Full Story page for the tracklisting and complete list of contributing bands.

To hear a couple of the tracks performed by No Trigger, Smartbomb, and a few more go here.

Here is the official statement about the release:

Part of the problem with doing a “tribute” record is the inevitable comparison to the original recordings and the need to live up to the band’s legacy. So let’s get one thing straight: “Carry the Torch” is not a Kid Dynamite record. This record will never be as good as the first time you heard Kid Dynamite at the Manville Elks Lodgeand will probably not stir another reunion at the Church. What it is, is an affirmation of the profound effect of Kid Dynamite to current hardcore punk bands worldwide, even years after their breakup. Our hopes are that listening to this album will take you back so that you recall the feelings you did get from the initial listen to your first Kid Dynamite song. This is the bands way of saying thanks for influencing them to start bands and play music.

Antillectual – Wrist Rocket
Smartbomb – Heart A Tact
Ernie Parada – Benchwarmer
Call It Fire – 32 FPS
Fallen From The Sky – Pits and Poison Apples
12 Cent – Pacifier
Broadway Calls – Bookworm
All Teeth – Never Met The Gooch
Deny Everything – Zuku’s Back in Town
No Secrets Between Sailors – Living Daylights
Lewd Acts – PH Decontrol
Comadre – Death & Taxes
No Harm Done – Three’s A Party
First To Leave – SOS
The Golden Age – Got A Minute?
Death Is Not Glamorous – Pause
Make Do and Mend – Ronald Miller Story
Endgame – Copout
Get Back Up – Sweatshop Syndicate
Static Radio NJ – Give ’em the Ripped One
To The Lions – Rid of the Losers, Bring on the Cruisers
Stay Warm – Showoff
Hollywood – Gate 68
Take My Chances – Handy with the Tongue Sword
Hour of The Wolf – Breakin’s A Memory
The Geeks – Shiner
No Trigger – k05-0564
Jump The Shark – Scary Smurf
Sakes Alive!! – News at Eleven
Latin for Truth – Table 19
The Ergs! – Fuckuturn
Soldiers – Introduction to the Opposites
Kill Conrad – Rufus Wants A Hug
Spanish Gamble – The Unheard Chorus
Torchbearer – The Penske File
The Wonder Years – Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems
This Is Hell – Troy’s Bucket
Troublemaker – Two for Flinching
This Time Next Year – 3 O’clock

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