Label Spotlight:  Death To False Hope Records

Label Spotlight: Death To False Hope Records

Next up in our label spotlight series are the folks over at Death To False Hope Records.  Co-Owner, Scotty Sandwich, gave us the run down of how DTFH operates.  The label itself has been responsible for some great punk-rock releases including Hold Tight’s “Cant Take This Away”, the Ascetic Parade album, “Durham Has A Skyline Too” and bunch of others. They’ve also been responsible for great compilations including the Death To False Hope Fest sampler which included great bands, some not on that particular label.

Dying Scene got to know the label and Scotty confirms Nick Woods of Direct Hit claims that Ryan from Mixtapes has an affinity with ICP.  Read the full interview here.

Who and what are DTFH Records?

DTFH Records are two dudes; Jonathan Minor, and Myself (Scotty Sandwich) who wanted to do something to showcase bands we really liked.

What are you currently working on?

We have some great stuff scheduled to come out this year that I’m really excited about. We are starting the year off with debut releases from Stage Fright Therapy, Civil War Rust, Worship This! and Long Shot Hero. Then we have records from Lewis Turn Out, The Sandwiches and Mixtapes scheduled so far for the first few months of the year.

What are you currently listening to?

When I’m not checking out potential new bands for the labels here is what I’ve been rocking lately: Red City Radio who is hands down one of the best punk bands to come out recently. I’ve been producing the new Red Collar record, so I’ve been spending a lot of time going back and figuring out what really worked and what I would have done differently on their album “Pilgrim”. I’ve recently re-fallen in love with a local Chicago band from the 90’s called Oblivion who crafted some of the most infectious pop-punk songs. And also a ton of RVIVR lately.

When did you get started?

We started in late 2008. We are about to have our 2 year anniversary party next week. Less than Jake and Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms are playing along with 47 other bands, color me stoked.


I think we just wanted to create something where we could help promote bands we enjoyed without taking the risk on breaking the bank if a release failed. We take absolutely no money as a label, all donation buttons go directly to the bands accounts. People are going to illegally download anyway,might as well give them high quality mp3s, lyrics and artwork right?

How did the name ‘Death To False Hope’ come about?

It was actually just a working title, and by the time we decided to buy webspace it was too late. I wish we would have called it something awesome like “Drunkasaurus Recs” or something.

What bands are on your roster? (Current and previous)

Oh this is going to be a long one: The Martyr Saint, I Hate My Friends,10-4 Eleanor,The Sandwiches,Jay Heart Montreal,Arliss Nancy, Fierce Brosnan, Authors, Captain We’re Sinking, Sour Boy Bitter Girl, Please and Thank You’s, The Sweet Revenge, Mixtapes,Direct Hit!, Beat Noir, Nights on Fire, Johnny Rev, Glory Bound, Hold Tight, Alexander Hudjohn, Nerd Alert,From the Tracks, Junker, Minnesota’s Calling,Think Big, The Working Dead, Rain Over Battle, Black Sails Western Shores, Lewis Turn Out, The Campaign 1984, Jazz Hands, Revisionist, Brutal Youth, Kadets, Red Tape Parade, Chilling Winston, Eight Ghosts,Why I Hate, Why I Hope,Young Tom Fury,Random Orbits,Lie Captive, Ascetic Parade, Night Smoke, Under Stars and Gutters, Black Birds, Sucess, Albatross, Gunner’s Daughter, Red Collar,Haverchucks, Gunnerson, Stage Fright Therapy, Long shot Hero, Worship This, Civil War Rust.

What releases have you been responsible for?

You can see all the albums here.

Of those, which is your favourite?

I think all are wonderful I wouldn’t want anyone’s feelings hurt.

What are the challenges and pitfalls as a small label?

I don’t like having to turn bands down due to bad quality recordings. For some reason we have been recognized and respected as a legitimate label, and with that people expect a certain level of quality from us now.

What are the perks of running your own label?

We got to throw a killer fest! Maybe for our 5 year anniversary party I can throw a drinking contest together against Fat Mike. I think I could take him.

What does it take for a band to get onto DTFH Records?

Good songwriting, good recordings, similar ethics, positive attitude. We will work as hard as the band do. Look at how well Mixtapes and 10-4 Eleanor have done. But we also have some bands that can’t be out there touring and promoting as much, and they understand that we can only push so hard for them.

You guys are responsible for some great compilations. What inspired you to do this?

I absolutely think that the 90’s label comps were some of the best gateways to new bands, and i want to carry on that tradition. Survival of the Fattest and Punk Sucks are two of the most important compilations in punk rock. I think it changed everything in the 90’s.

Is putting a compilation of so many artists together hard work? What is the hardest part about it?

It’s surprisingly easy now. We’ve made some great friends at punknews,amp magazine, P+P records, suburban home records ect, and all have helped graciously to get us rare/unreleased tracks for these. And also with the amount of bands on the label, word travels fast that we are looking for submissions.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone wanting to start their own DIY label, what would that be?

Put out music you love and that you would pay to listen to. No one wants to promote a record they don’t personally believe in.

What are 3 things that the world should know about DTFH Records?

1. Ryan from Mixtapes ABSOLUTELY loves ICP.

2. The donation buttons go straight to the bands, so please throw them a buck or two.

3. It’s a sadly overlooked fact that Jonathan Minor of Stage Fright Therapy is a Co-owner. He does all the website stuff while I deal more with the bands, and It sucks that he doesn’t see as much credit for the label that I do. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for all his help.

Any last words?

Buy tickets to the DTFH Records 2 Year Anniversary Party!

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