Latin For Truth releasing “The 95 Sound” 7 inch

Latin For Truth releasing “The 95 Sound” 7 inch

latin-for-truth-the-95-soundAlabama’s melodic, punk act, Latin For Truth, is releasing a new 7 inch titled “The 95 Sound” in late October/early November.  Here’s what the band had to say about it:

…we have a seven inch we put together of some demos we did between tours in march. Initially it was supposed to be used for a split with our buddies Veara but they couldn’t release their songs. Luckily we recorded extra songs just in case. Those initial songs and extra songs will make up The 95 Sound. It’s kind of our shorter, punk version of what the gaslight anthem did.

The Full Story page has the tracklisting.  You can pre-order it here.

side a: all my friends are creeps and liar(except you) / booking hell(two five sucks)
side b: glory, glory joseph maxwell / there use to be a marching bands in my legs, now there’s only broken drumsticks at my feet

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