Lets Get It release new album “Digital Spaces”

Lets Get It release new album “Digital Spaces”

images5 Lets Get It have finally released their debut album on Fearless Records, “Digital Spaces”. Lucky for you before you buy the album, you can hear it all on their myspace page. Here’s a little bit about what the band had to say about their new EP:

Yoooo Erybody!!

So todays the day we’ve been waiting for, the release of our debut ep “Digital Spaces.” It’s difficult to even put into words the feelings we’re experiencing right now. First and foremost, I would like to thank each and every person who has ever supported Let’s Get It. Whether you just listened on myspace, purevolume or youtube, or came out to a show, let us stay in your living room, bought a shirt or just said hi, the profound impact you’ve made in our lives is indescribable.

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This is all anyone of us has ever dreamed about. From going to local shows in the Dayton, Ohio music scene, to standing in lines at Warped Tour to meet our favorite bands, we have always waited for the day we could share our own artistic expressions with the world.

So here it is guys, “Digital Spaces” is the audible manifestation of who we are. You all mean more to us than you’ll ever know and we hope this ep is something ya’ll can stand with us and support.

Big ups to Fearless Records, Dave Shapiro, Bryan Christner, Matt Feldman, Mark Weiss, and Joey Sturgis for being down for us in this exciting time. Every single day, you guys keep makin our dreams come true.

But again thanks most of all to each and everyone of you. You’re the reason we do it, and will continue to do so.

On behalf of LGI, we love you. Thank you for all the support. We feel incredibly blessed to have you behind us.

Go pick up “Digital Spaces” today!

Ohio stand up!!

Jo3//Let’s Get It

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