Lewd Acts calls it quits

Lewd Acts calls it quits

Lewd Acts has officially called it a day. Trouble started brewing on the Converge tour recently, forcing the band to drop off, and sadly, they were unable to come back from it. The band released the following statement in regards to their demise.

Lou Dax succumbed on June 20th, 2010 to the coma brought on by a head wound sustained in New York City on May 6th. Lou is survived by his 4 sons. In lieu of flowers, pick up a Lou Dax memorial shirt or record at http://www.lewdacts.bigcartel.com or http://www.deathwishinc.com to help his legacy live on. Thank you to everyone who ever listened, saw, helped, or cared about Lou.

“I will die with the stereo on, wondering why I ever wrote this fucking song that never got me anywhere…I have nowhere to go.” -Louis Dax

The band released their last album, “Black Eye Blues” on Deathwish in September, 2009.

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