Listen to Anti-Flag’s New Album “The People Or The Gun”

Listen to Anti-Flag’s New Album “The People Or The Gun”

peopleorthegun“The People Or The Gun” hits stores June 9th but you can listen to the entire thing right now on their myspace page.

The band had this to say about the album:

The election of Barak Obama, global economic meltdown, seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the trampling of gay, human and animal rights, were and are all huge influences on our song writing. But more than anything, trying for and pursuing a paradigm shift in the world one where our focus is not greed, or wealth, social status or power was and is the goal of these songs. A shift that focus’s on HUMANITY. Working together to end racism, end sexism, end homophobia. Creating a community that allows people to be confident and truly believe in themselves and each other is what Anti-Flag has always strived for.

You can read more about the album on their myspace blog.

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