Listen to “The Search” from upcoming This Is Hell EP “Warbirds”

Listen to “The Search” from upcoming This Is Hell EP “Warbirds”

this-is-hell-warbirdsYou can hear the track “The Search” off the forthcoming This Is Hell EP over on the band’s myspace page.  The EP is titled “Warbirds” and it’s being released on Think Fast! Records on August 18th.

Here’s what Think Fast! has to say about the release:

With the new release of “Warbirds”, This Is Hell is showing no signs of slowing down. The heartfelt conviction and energy of their previous releases is matched with a new found energy that’s complemented by a production handled by legendary hardcore/punk producer Jim Siegel. Expect new elements with an emphasis on crossover metal (think Anthrax or Leeway) contained throughout the release. “Warbirds” contains three brand new, original tracks as well as two covers to round out the release.

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