Lyrics: The Maine – “Life Like This”

Lyrics: The Maine – “Life Like This”

the-maineLyrics for Life Like This, an un-released track being played by The Maine on the OP Tour, can be found here.



Wake up it’s 5am
You fell in love again
Something wrong with living life like this
At work can’t help but stare
Long legs and her dark brown hair
You give her a smile
And that’s it.

The store it’s 6pm
You see her face again
You catch her eye
You panic and walk towards her.

Can’t think of what to say
No words come up today
So you just smile
And it’s goodbye

You say “so what”
I fell in love
But it just won’t work because…

I fell in love again
Don’t know how it happened
She slipped away again
The same as last weekend
Oh it’s a routine thing
Just with some new feelings
I always choke up when
I get close to closing in

So I stare straight into the mirror
Hope i find something there
If not I know
i’ll get shot straight back down
I dress up real nice
Make sure my hair’s right
Write down a few lines
To tell her that I love her

And I’ll make her mine
The one I sing about
All the time
Cause she’s in my dreams
But it’s never as real as
As real as it seems
And I’m gonna need a lot more than hope
And maybe you’ll be baby
Or maybe not
Because I’m all choked up.

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