Album Review: Mad Sin – “Burn And Rise”

Album Review: Mad Sin – “Burn And Rise”

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Anybody that considers themselves a kat or kitten know that Mad Sin are one of the original (and therefore best) psychobilly bands out there. Formed in Berlin by legendary frontman Koefte deVille, they’ve been playing their unbeatable mix of punk, rockabilly, country and surf, for the past 23 years, and there’s no stopping them. Even 09’s tragedies of losing close friends and failing relationships, as well as Koefte’s two confrontations with the Reaper (severe blood poisoning and the effects of a rock n roll lifestyle) couldn’t stop these troubled psycho-soldiers. And now, the German gods are back with lucky album number 13, and it’s straight into the no holds barred kreepy and kooky rock and roll.

The intro sets the morbid and macabre scene for this record, with ghostly whispers and a spine-chilling organ leading into the first track. ‘Last Gang Standing’ is the perfect theme song for the hot-rod mob of Mad Sin-ners out there. It’s time to get your groove on from here on in.

‘Cursed’ is simply the sexiest, catchiest stomp you’ll have ever heard. I guarantee you will listen to that one song over and over, just to sing along with the chorus and hear that amazing riff. This one’s also got a brilliantly dark and cheeky video to go with it, which is well worth checking out.

There’s a couple that are a bit slower, ‘Geisterfahrer’ for example, and are closer to the classic rockabilly side of things, but the Sin pull this sound off just as well as any other.

‘Wreckhouse Stomp’ is another theme song for the fans, and couldn’t be any more rock n roll.

And they somehow manage to make country music sound tough and cool in the southern ballad ‘9 Lives’.

‘Sex, Love, Blood ‘n’ Death’ and ‘Shitlist Bop’ will go down very well at live shows with their devilishly dirty lyrics and guitar licks. Ideal for a good wreck and alcohol fueled sing-a-longs.

As per usual there’s also some surf in the mix thanks to track 11 ‘The March Of The Deviants’.

I challenge you to resist dancing as soon as you hear any song from this record. Even the zombies they sing about wouldn’t be able to stop themselves wrecking to this über catchy rockabilly riot. The songs in German, ‘Geisterfahrer’ (Ghost Driver) and ‘Für Immer’ (Forever) will tantalize you, too- whether you have any idea what the hell they’re singing about or not.

With 18 tracks of addictive psychobilly/ punk/ rockabilly/ country/ surf and a few impressive guest appearances, you get your moneys worth, and then some.

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