Album Review: Man The Change – “Weather The Storm”

Album Review: Man The Change – “Weather The Storm”

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Seven days ago I downloaded “Weather The Storm” by Man The Change and have listened to it at least once a day since then. Now to some of you that may not seem like a big deal but I’ve been extremely busy lately. Between work, family and several other miscellaneous time killers, I’m lucky if I can come up with an hour a day where I can listen to the music that I want to hear and for this album to take up a good portion of that time says a lot about it. This is a great release!

Now for those who don’t know, which is probably most of you since Man The Change is a relatively new band (formed 2009) and is currently unsigned, I’ll give you a little backround info. Man The Change is based in Brooklyn, New York.  They started out as a three piece band but now have four members. “Weather The Change” is their debut full-length album and their third release in 2010; the other two are a four song ep and a two song single. All three are available for download from, and they share their band name with the title of a song by Hot Water Music, a band that they list as one of their main influences.

Man The Change play a no gimmicks style of music. They’re not a Ska band, they don’t sound like they were raised on Bruce Springsteen or Lynyrd Skynyrd and this sure as hell isn’t pop music. It’s straight up punk rock. It brings me back the type of stuff my friends and I would listen to while we were out riding our skateboards, back to a time when punk still had a bit of danger to it and wasn’t made for radio play.

The band also lists The Movielife and Latterman as inspirations for their sound and both can be heard but I also get a big NOFX feel and maybe a touch of early Avail from it. The drumming is fast and up front in the mix, the vocals are half screamed half sung (think of a less nasal version of Fat Mike), and the guitars and bass fill out the rest of the space perfectly. It’s refreshing to hear this style of punk played again and done so well.

For now the only way to get “Weather The Storm” is through the bandcamp website that I mentioned earlier. The ep and single are free and you can pay however much you want (give the band a couple of bucks if you can afford to) for the album or get it for free.

On December 4th the band will be holding a cd release show at the Party Xpo in Brooklyn. It’s a three o’clock show and the band will be sharing the bill with Captain Were Sinking, Up For Nothing, Banquets and special guests No Trigger. If you’re in the area (I wish I was) you can stop by, see a great show and pick up a copy of the “Weather The Storm”.

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