Margate call it quits

Margate call it quits

LA pop-punks Margate have announced they are to call it a day. The band, who were on El Hefe’s Cyber Tracks label, released four albums during their 14 years together.

You can read a suitably self-deprecating statement about the decision below.

Statement on the band’s split:

“After years of toiling in relative obscurity, Los Angeles pop-punkers Margate have officially decided to call it a day. The band, whose high-water mark was signing with El Hefe and wife Jen’s Cyber Tracks label in 2012 and opening a short UK tour with NOFX that same year, released four full-length albums, two EPs and a split 7” over their otherwise unremarkable 14-year career.

While featuring a fairly stable lineup over that time consisting of Alex Helbig (lead vocals, drums), Steve Weil (bass, backup vocals) and Doug Mitchell (guitar, vocals), the band also lists current rhythm guitarist Jeff Dahlin and a handful of additional former members on its Wikipedia page.

“I’m really excited for this next step with the band–it’s unlike anything we have ever done,” said Helbig.  Dahlin agreed, and added “I’ve been preparing for this for a while–I even moved to AZ so I couldn’t make practices or shows anymore.”

Mitchell said the band’s followers can largely expect what they’ve been served previously: “Long periods of inactivity, just longer this time. Not much different when you really think about it.” Recently married Weil purchased a drum kit in an early attempt to keep the music going, but soon found he couldn’t play it at the same time as his bass.

When asked about the band, El Hefe said “Margate? Didn’t they break up a couple of years ago?”

Margate will be remembered, if at all, for their catchy singalong pop-punk anthems, three-part vocal harmonies, and heartfelt (if not somewhat repetitive) lyrics. Their split will be mourned by a handful of friends, their families, a few ’90s pop-punk revivalists, and the borderline obsessed super-fans in the Felony Records band Strike Twelve.”

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