Mark Hoppus stoked about Blink-182 recording progress

Mark Hoppus stoked about Blink-182 recording progress

It is that time the world has been waiting for since Blink-182 got back together. They are in the studio, and they are making progress! Does this mean we’ll be getting Album #6 this year? Probably not. I mean, this is Blink-182 we’re talking about.

Mark Hoppus took some time to update the fans about the recording process over the past couple of days. Apparently things are sounding good, as Hoppus sounds excited…judging by his use word usage and ALL CAPS moments. Some songs are still being written, while others are nearing completion. The entire post is here, complete with pictures like those storybooks Mommy used to read to you before you’d go to bed.

The elusive sixth album will most likely make its appearance in the world early next year. This will be their first release since 2003’s Blink-182.

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