Mark Hoppus talks about new Blink 182 album

Mark Hoppus talks about new Blink 182 album

In an interview conducted on, Blink 182 bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus reveals that there will still be a new album, which he is dubbing the “the best album of our lives”, and they plan to record it as soon as drummer Travis Barker returns from his boat trip. Here’s what he had to say:

“We just finished a tour of Europe and as soon as Travis gets back from his boat trip back over the Atlantic, we are going into the studio. Aside from taping the show, we are locking ourselves in the studio until it’s done.”

The still-untitled record will be released sometime next year. It’s been nearly seven years since they released their last studio album, titled Blink-182 (otherwise known as the “untitled album”).

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