Mean Jeans announce “Jingles Collection”

Mean Jeans announce “Jingles Collection”

Most concept albums are serious, but Portland pop-punks Mean Jeans aren’t the most serious bunch. Their version of a concept album features 23 jingles for iconic brands such as Mountain Dew, Hot Pockets, and Totino’s.

That’s what Jingles Collection will deliver when it’s released on February 18th through Fat Wreck Chords. You can listen to some of the tracks below, and pre-order the album here.


1. Coors
2. Wendy’s (Junior Bacon Cheese Cheeseburger)
4. Sizzler
5. Pop Rocks
6. Camel Lights
7. Kinkos
8. Mountain Dew
9. Applebees
10. Rain-X Wiper Blades
11. Skoal
12. 180069SHRED
13. Polly-O String Cheese
14. Hot Pockets
15. Cheez-Its
16. The Footlong Song
17. Capri Sun
18. Taco Bell
19. Selsun Blue
20. Best Western
21. Dunkaroos
22. Kraft Mac & Cheese

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