Media Control Calls It Quits

Media Control Calls It Quits

deadanthemSouth Central Los Angeles based Media Control have decided to throw in the towel after a 3 year run. You can read the official post left on their myspace page here.

Shutting This Badboy Down…

So after 3long years of doing what we love to do as a band we regret to inform you that Media Control will no longer be a band.After many obstacles in this bands short lived career we have decided to part ways and do our own thing.
As many of you may have heard we were in the process of releasing a new EP but after so much stuff went wrong we just decided we couldn’t continue.

We will be playing 2 more shows and then we are done.

A final show will be set up sometime at the end of the summer.

We want to thank anyone and everyone that has ever supported media control in anyway.

We played many amazing shows and met amazing people and it’s sad to say that we will no longer be doing that.

On a side note if you are a fan of media control and would like to continue following the members other bands checks these bands out.
They feature members of media control.

Suffer Along
Featuring Harold And John

Rise Or Die Trying
Featuring Justin

And before we get the “do you guys hate each other?” question let me answer that to get it out of the way, no we dont we just felt that it was time to move on and find something new.

Again thanks for the support and hopefully we can see many of you guys @ our final show.We will be announcing it very soon.

Again thanks you guys

-Media Control

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