Mono in Stereo premiere new music video, “Different Kind of Man”

Mono in Stereo premiere new music video, “Different Kind of Man”

Mono in Stereo is a band on the up and up. They released their second album on Rum Bar RecordsCan’t Stop The Bleeding, in June of this year, along with an earlier released video for “The Conversation” which Dying Scene premiered here. Since then they’ve been tapped for punk rock glory by having a song of theirs featured in the upcoming Joselito Seldera feature film, Screw City, which follows a young riot girl going through the struggle of post-high school band mate disssociation blues. Personally, as a guy who’s gone through five (official) drummers and a handful of bassists in just as many years, it’s a story I know all to well.

Today Mono in Stereo is releasing a new music video for the single “Different Kind of Man” , which tells another familiar tale of young love in the California desert. “The thought was Midwest punk in Southern California,” says Seldera, who also directed the video. “The clothes, the style, the vibe. Dusty and gritty. No beaches, no skaters or surfers or cool neighborhoods or anything like that. So we came up with a list of cool, sort of weird places well outside of L.A. and for two days we drove around the desert and shot at those places.”

The video tails two coed heroes on the fringes with subtle reminders through their caustic reality that God is love, and highlights the early sparks of infatuation and shifting persuasions… I think our grand-folks called that courting or something. The song is catchy and smile-inducing – think Bruce Springsteen meets Naked Raygun. It provides a great blend of classic bar room rock and roll with our beloved punk rock about opening up with one another and weeding out loneliness.”Let me pick you up at home tonight because we’re headed where the eagles dare. Left alone up to our own devices, there’s a lot of thing’s that we can share.” There’s a right way and there’s a wrong way, kiddos ,but more often than not we find ourselves somewhere in-between.

Seldera listed two videos as major influences: “I re-watched The Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘Sometimes Always’ video over and over, a thousand times, and even tried to emulate a few shots from that one. That and Camera Obscura’s ‘French Navy.’ I wanted to add a bit of a narrative in the way that video does.”

Stream the video for “Different Kind of Man” below.


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