Music Video: Evergreen Terrace – “Enemy Sex”

Music Video: Evergreen Terrace – “Enemy Sex”

BlankTv has let us know that Evergreen Terrace has released the music video for their song Enemy Sex (director Salvatore Perrone) and you can check it out right here.  The song appears on the band’s most recent album, Almost Home, which was released on Metal Blade Records in September, 2009.

Josh James of Evergreen Terrace had this to say about the video:

Enemy Sex is about ongoing change. Some change you can control and some you can’t. Salvatore Perrone came to us with the idea of creating a video for Enemy Sex that would capture exactly that. There is a lot disgusting, grotesque people in this world that change it for the worse. Hopefully this video will spark an interest in a few things going on that’s wrong and you will be inspired to make some sort of change.

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