New Song: “Chinese Takeover” off upcoming Antillectual album

New Song: “Chinese Takeover” off upcoming Antillectual album

Antillectual have posted another new song off their upcoming album Start From Scratch. The song is titled “Chinese Takeover” and you can give it a listen (as well check out the liner notes and lyrics) here.

The band had this to say on the song:

Remember that ‘new’ Guns n’ Roses album? Not so happy how it turned out? Neither were we, and we somehow managed to link our discontent to the uprise of the economies in the Orient. Seriously though, this song is about the effects of the ever growing economies on that side of the world on the western world. To put it in Johan Cruijff’s words: “to every advantage, there is a disadvantage” (or something … ).

Our guest is Lenneke Knape. She works with bands like NOFX and Blink 182, runs Rockit Promotions, used to host “Witlof” on KinkFM and was kind enough to share some of her experience with us while we were planning the release of our album. Our appearance at the Groezrock festival earlier this year for example was largely thanks to her efforts.

“Start From Scratch” is planned for a November 1 release and until then the band will be streaming one new song from the album each week.

The band’s last album Testimony was released in 2008.

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