NOFX and Rancid to release remastered 20th anniversary LPs

NOFX and Rancid to release remastered 20th anniversary LPs

Epitaph Records is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the above two albums in a pretty big way! Deluxe anniversary editions of NOFX‘s “Punk in Drublic” and Rancid‘s “Lets Go” are set to be released on November 24th.  Check below to give both albums a listen.

As you’ve probably heard, Rancid released their latest album Honor Is All We Know on October 27th via Hellcat Records. Recently Fat Wreck Chords announced the upcoming NOFX release of 15 previously-unreleased and/or remixed tracks from their TV series Backstage Passport on January 13th.

NOFX “Punk In Drublic” Track Listing

1. Linoleum
2. Leave It Alone
3. Dig
4. The Cause
5. Don’t Call Me White
6. My Heart Is Yearning
7. Perfect Government
8. The Brews

1. The Quass
2. Dying Degree
3. Fleas
4. Lori Meyers
5. Jeff Wears Birkenstocks?
6. Punk Guy (‘Cause He Does Punk Things)
7. Happy Guy
8. Reeko
9. Scavenger Type

Rancid “Let’s Go” Track Listing:

1. Nihilism
2. Radio
3. Side Kick
4. Salvation
5. Tenderloin
6. Let’s Go
7. As One
8. Burn
9. The Ballad of Jimmy & Johnny

1. Gave It Away
2. Ghetto Box
3. Harry Bridges
4. Black & Blue
5. St. Mary
6. Dope Sick Girl
7. International Cover-Up
8. Solidarity
9. Midnight
10. Motorcycle Ride
11. Name
12. 7 Years Down

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