Paint It Black only releasing EP’s

Paint It Black only releasing EP’s

paintitblackIf you hadn’t noticed yet, Paint It Black have released two EP’s this summer: “Amnesia” was released in June, and most recently “Surrender” was released just this month. You may have thought of these as something to hold you over until the full length album, but if I were you I wouldn’t hold my breath. The band recently made the following statement:

“We made a decision after our last album to exclusively release seven-inch EPs,” frontman Dan Yemin tells Spinner. “I’m not getting any younger. I don’t want to wait another two and half years to put another album out. I feel very connected with our audience when we put things out at a faster pace.”…….”Because we’re not looking at this as stop-gap behavior between albums, we spend a great deal of money on recording. We recorded this at a place where I would have done a full-length. We put a lot of energy into design and track continuity.”

So even though the length got cut, the hard work and quality put into the releases did not. Apparently, the albums are selling very quickly, so maybe these boys have the right idea. What do you think about the switch?

Their last (and possibly final full length) album, “New Lexicon” was released in 2008 on Jade Tree.

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