Phinius Gage to continue following comeback tour

Phinius Gage to continue following comeback tour

Brighton skatepunkers Phinius Gage have confirmed to their fans that they will be continuing the band despite rumours of their 2015 comeback tour only being a one-off. The band’s most recent Facebook post alludes to the possibility of future tours to come, with a note in their description that reads:

Yes – WE’RE BACK. After 8 years. We are still: Ade, Karlos, Matt, Mike.

We will be sure to keep you updated as details come to light.

The band released “More Haste More Speed” in 2003, “The Feeling Something’s Wrong” in 2005, “Brighton Rock” in 2006 and “Seek Out Your Foes” in 2007, before splitting soon after. You can download all of their music for free on Bandcamp.

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