Poison The Well “taking a break”

Poison The Well “taking a break”

Florida’s Poison The Well have decided to step back from being a full-time band in order to pursue some other opportunities. The band has been together since 1997, and released 5 full-length albums. Their most recent release, The Tropic Rot, came out last year on Ferret Records. Their first album, 1999’s The Opposite of December, received critical acclaim as a seminal hardcore album.

Throughout their years together, PTW went through several lineup changes, with guitarist Ryan Primack and drummer Chris Hornbrook being the only two founding members currently in the band, although vocalist Jeffery Moreira has been on all 5 full-lengths. No word on when they’re planning to get back together, but rest assured that we’ll keep our ears to the ground.

Read the full press release here.

So, after twelve years of being a band, countless tours around the world

and records being released, we have made the decision to take some
time to explore other interests in our lives. We’ve all reached a
point where we feel like we need to take a step back from the band and
pursue other things. PTW has been an all encompassing, full time thing
for such a long period that this isn’t an easy thing to do. We want to

thank everyone who has supported us in anyway, whether it be buying a
record or a shirt, to the occasional robbery from time to time. Once
again, thanks for everything and we couldn’t have done any of this
without you. 
Love, PTW

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