Bayside contemplating 7-inch series of cover songs

Bayside contemplating 7-inch series of cover songs

In an interview with Punks in Vegas, bassist Nick Ghanbarian of Bayside bassist Nick Ghanbarian talks about the band’s plans for next year, specifically the idea of doing a cover or acoustic songs 7″ series:

“We’ve always talked about doing like a cover, not a record, but maybe a series of 7 inches or something. We cover a lot of songs just at sound check or even in our set if we have time and I think it’s a really cool idea. For us, the more time we have to write a song, the better it’s going to be. With our new album Killing Time, we took a lot of time on those songs and we feel like they’re the best 10 songs we ever wrote. We don’t want to necessarily write a song just to write a song. So I think that’s where doing a cover thing or maybe an acoustic thing will take the edge off of us trying to write a perfect song. And it’s just something fun for the fans. And it’s fun for us to do a take on the song. I don’t know that you’ll necessarily hear a new Bayside song this year or in 2012, but we’ll see.”

You can read the whole interview here.

Bayside released their last album, “Killing Time,” in February on Wind Up Records.

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