Album Review: Public Noise Concern – “Yesterdays Trash”

Album Review: Public Noise Concern – “Yesterdays Trash”

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One of the cool things about writing music reviews is getting to listen to bands that I’d never heard of before. Now I’m not saying that I like all the stuff I’ve been exposed to over the last several months, but every once in a while I get the chance to hear a band that gets me excited about the current state of music. Public Noise Concern Is one of those bands.

The music that this all-female trio from East Greenbush, New York play is real punk. Not poppy crap written for radio play, but a return to the real thing. The songs are short, the instruments are played fast and the vocalist has an awesome voice. (She actually sounds a little like Agent M from Tsunami Bomb.)
All three songs on this digital seven inch, available now on When’s Lunch Records, and on iTunes, are great but my favorite one is the first song, “Out In The Open.” I’m not entirely sure what led to the writing of this song but to me it sounds like someone had some negative things to say and this song is a not-so-subtle “Fuck you!” from the band. This is the fastest and angriest track on the release.
The other two songs are “Yesterdays Trash,” which slows down just a little bit and tells the story of a relationship coming to an end and “Procrastination,” which continues at a similar speed and has a couple of interesting break downs.

Even though this record contains only three songs and runs around eight total minutes, I really feel like it gave me a good idea of what this band is about and makes me look forward to hearing what Public Noise Concern release next. I would recommend this to most punk music fans but especially to fans of Tsunami Bomb and The Avengers.

For those of you that do not like mp3’s, there will be a physical release of the 7″, Spring 2011.

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