“Punk Band” the movie now streaming

“Punk Band” the movie now streaming

Punk Band – the movie is billed as “the mis-adventures of an American punk rock band self-destructing on the road, as the country takes sides during the fall of 2016” but is actually so much more than that.

Right off the bat Punk Band hits you with a rousing soundtrack featuring the likes of Naked Raygun and Local H, paired with live footage of the film’s focus point, Chicago’s Voice Of Addiction.

Punk Band – the movie isn’t your typical band bio. Filmmaker Bradley Pontecore says “it’s more of a look at every struggling band that packs their gear into a van and hits the road for weeks at a time to play dive bars patronized by only a handful of people at times.” Set to the highly polarized political climate of 2016, the movie touches on many social issues including drug use, and mental health.

Streaming now on Vimeo and Amazon. Check out the trailer below.

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