19 Anti-Margaret Thatcher Punk Songs (RIP)

19 Anti-Margaret Thatcher Punk Songs (RIP)

In case you hadn’t heard, ex British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died yesterday, April 8th, at the age of 87. The “iron lady”, was the first woman to hold the role of British Prime Minister and inspired quite a few angry punk songs with her extremely conservative views and policies.

From NOFX to Dead Kennedys, here is a list of but a few of the anti Thatcher songs churned out by our vociferous scene.  RIP, Margaret.

NOFX -“Ronnie & Mags”

Dead Kennedys– “Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Round”

Frank Turner– “Thatcher Fucked The Kids”

The Specials- “Ghost Town”

Madness – “Blue Skinned Beast”

Chaos UK – “Maggie”

The Exploited – “Maggie You Cunt”

The Exploited– “Maggie From Horror Epics”

Anti-Pasti- “No Government”

The Larks- “Maggie Maggie Maggie (Out Out Out)”

Crass- “How Does It Feel?”

Thatcher On Acid- “No Fuckin’ War”

Angelic Upstarts – “2 Million Voices”

Notsensibles- “I’m in Love With Magaret Thatcher”

The Varukers – “Thatcher’s Fortress”

Renaud- “Miss Maggie”

Newtown Neurotics- “Kick Out the Tories”

Crass– “Margaret Thatcher How Does It Feel To Be The Mother Of A Thousand Dead”

Toxic Waste- “Listen Margaret”

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