Rancid’s Own Commentary On “Let The Dominoes Fall”

Rancid’s Own Commentary On “Let The Dominoes Fall”

rancidRancid has posted their own commentary for each of the tracks on their latest album “Let The Dominoes Fall” on their myspace blog.  It starts off like this:

“Over the eighteen years we’ve been a band we’ve seen a lot of things and been a lot of places.  We’ve always done it our way.  Never compromising, never wavering.  We’ve outlasted passing trends, fads and bands because Rancid is a brotherhood which can’t be broken.  Coming from working class families, our band has never forgotten where we come from.  From academics to homeless kids on the streets and everyone in between have related to our music.  We’ve never felt tighter and more alive than on this album.  The following are thoughts and interpretations behind the music of Let the Dominoes Fall.” – Rancid

The iconic punk band’s latest effort is being widely criticized as a massive flop, which might actually make reading the complete commentary all the more interesting…

You can check it out here.

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