Review:  Pour Habit – “Suiticide”

Review: Pour Habit – “Suiticide”

pour-habit-suiticideIf you haven’t heard of this band yet, you will soon, especially since they just got signed to Fat Wreck Chords.  These guys come to us from the unlikely city of Compton, CA, and no, Fat hasn’t started signing Hip Hop bands.  Far from it.  Pour Habit’s sound is something you would expect to hear from a band on the Fat roster of 10 years ago.  They’re fast, they’re aggressive but still melodic, and instrumentally they could be compared to old school Strung Out.  Vocally their a bit more unique and I can’t think of any band to compare them to directly.  Like their music in general, the vocals are fast, and melodic with just the right amount of angst and aggression.

“Suiticide” is the band’s first full length album and when I first heard it over a year ago (yes, I’m claiming I heard them first!) I knew these guys were going somewhere.  The fact that Fat Mike decided to re-release it on Fat Wreck Chords is a testament to how awesome this album is.  “Suiticide” ranges widely lyrically from politics to drinking and boning other dudes girlfriends (no wonder Fat Mike loves these dudes).  If you’re taking the time to read this you should take the time to listen to their music on Pour Habit’s MySpace page.

Best Songs: “Institution”, “Light The Torch”, “Zion”

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