Rise Against: A thank you to their fans

Rise Against: A thank you to their fans

rise-against-bandRise Against fans came through for the band as they spoke out against the backlash propagated by Buzz 103.1. After Rise Against made a decision to bow out from headlining the Buzz Bake Sale in Florida (an event thrown by Buzz 103.1 ), the station misinformed fans about the band’s decision, threatened not to play their songs and went as far as calling out for a boycott. Rise Against issued a statement clarifying their reason for bowing out. Not only did the band receive support from some fellow bands, but they received a huge amount of support from the fans who weren’t having it. Fans rallied for the band and made a demand to be heard on the issue.

Here is what the band had to say:

Thanks to all the amazing people in West Palm Beach, Florida who rallied last week, voiced their support for Rise Against and demanded BUZZ 103.1 put us back on the air. The station promptly did so last Tuesday at 5 PM. Rise Against fans never cease to amaze us!

“Appeal To Reason,” Rise Against’s latest album, was released October 7, 2008, on Interscope records.

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