Rise Against announce details about their upcoming “Another Station: Another Mile” DVD

Rise Against announce details about their upcoming “Another Station: Another Mile” DVD

Chicago-based punk band Rise Against have announced details about their upcoming DVD titled Another Station, Another Mile. The DVD will be released on October 5, 2010 on DGC/Interscope Records and will be available worldwide and also digitally through iTunes. It features performances of 14 songs recorded in locations throughout the world. These performances are interspersed with interviews with each band member of the band revealing the creative process that goes into making a Rise Against song and the history of each individual band member.

Here’s what the band had to say about the DVD,

“Since we put together our last DVD, the snowball that is Rise Against is still gathering size and speed.  What you hold in your hands is the continuing story of our band, what it means to us, and what it means to people like you. At our request, all the live footage you see in the DVD is completely unedited; meaning we didn’t go back and fix or re-do anything. We felt it should stand or fall on its own merit, and be embraced for what is, which is live music. Who knows, maybe we’ll feel differently next year. But for now, the moments are captured raw as we make our way to another station: another mile.”

To view the DVD tracklist and a new clip from the DVD go here.

DVD Tracklist:

From House of Blues Boston 7/28/09


The Dirt Whispered


Hero Of War

From Much Music Awards, Toronto, Canada 6/21/09

Audience Of One

Lollapalooza Grant Park, Chicago 8/8/09


The Good Left Undone

Prayer of the Refugee

Area 4, Ludinghausen, Germany 8/22/09

Blood Red White & Blue

Long Forgotten Sons

Give It All

Re-Education (Through Labor)

Keleti Railway Station, Budapest Hungary 6/21/10

Swing Life Away

Rock AM Ring/ Nurburging Racetrack, Germany 6/6/10

Ready To Fall

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