Ruiner post goodbye message and update

Ruiner post goodbye message and update

Last July Hardcore outfit Ruiner announced their breakup and final shows. Today they posted their official goodbye message.

Read it here.

It took me a few days to collect my thoughts on everything but we felt it was important that we send out a final thank you and good bye.

First and foremost to everyone who attended our final show: thank you. It was an overwhelming experience and we had no idea how many people would come. Nearly 1,000 people attended and we never expected anything like that. If you missed the show, videos of it are popping up online all the time. We are working on editing one ourselves as well that will be available on our official website soon.

Over the years we have always tried to do things our way. We booked our own tours, controlled our merch designs, we always had the final say on really everything and as a band we all felt that was important. However, we couldn’t have accomplished half of that with out some help.

To Bridge 9 records for always being there for us. It is not often you can enter a business relationship with someone and part ways as close friends. Thank you for giving us the respect and free will every band should have.

The list of people we’d love to thank individually would go on forever but a few people that need to be known are Nanouk at Avocado booking, Kevin and everyone at Liberated Images, and Linas Garsys. These people all have been doing a lot for us for a long time now. We will forever be grateful for your contribution to this band.

So many friends have been made over the years traveling this planet. From people who booked us on tour to just kids who let us crash on their floor. We can’t thank you enough for helping us on this journey.

I’m sure some of us will continue a life in music. Right now Danny is releasing music under the name At The Heart Of The World. Steve is working on redesigning our website to leave behind a final note about the band. We will do our best to keep it updated on any future projects any of us may have.

If you are still interested in merch Bridge Nine will be your only source from now on.

We do have one final release still to come out. Sometime (hopefully) very soon our split with Attica! Attica! will be coming out on Suburban Home’s Vinyl Collective series Under The Influence. This is a series showcasing covers on a split 7″ from two bands. We choose Whats The Story Morning Glory by Oasis and Attica! Attica! did The State Lottery by Propagandhi.

Thank you everyone for your support over these past 6 years. Its cliche and very overdone to say we couldn’t do this with out you. Honestly, we could have. However it wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable.

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