Rumor: Weezer planning “Pinkerton” tour?

Rumor: Weezer planning “Pinkerton” tour?

Rumors are flying that Weezer will embark on a Pinkerton tour that will see them perform their iconic album in its entirety. This comes upon news that Geffen will be reissuing and re-releasing the album in October.

Guitarist Brian Bell added fuel to that fire by saying, “We… have a reissue of Pinkerton coming out with new packaging, and—I’m praying—a Pinkerton tour, where we’ll play all the songs off Pinkerton, soon” in a recent interview (click here to check it out.) For those that lament what Weezer has become, what do you think of this rumor?

The band’s upcoming album Hurley is due out September 14th.

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