Savage Brewtality releasing new album “The Last Slice”, streaming new song

Savage Brewtality releasing new album “The Last Slice”, streaming new song

Gainesville, FL’s party-thrash band, Savage Brewtality, is releasing their first LP entitled “The Last Slice” on LP/digital download October 12th on Fest Records. This will be the first release on the newly formed label from the people who put on THE FEST in Gainesville, FL. The album will be exclusively distributed by No Idea Records and comes with a digital download code.

To celebrate, the band has leaked a song from the LP entitled “Wacky Shack”. You can head over to the band’s MySpace page to check it out.

Guitarist Ryan Geis had this to say about the explanation of what exactly a “Wacky Shack” is:

“Wacky Shack is when you take any amount ‘found’ objects and pile them up on a buddy who is passed the fuck out. Often referred to as a ‘shaming’, this version encourages the piling on of boxes, furniture, and other large objects. So when the victim wakes up, he/she finds himself/herself in some sort of shack that is wacky. One rule is that you can’t ‘Wacky Shack’ someone in their own bed. Another is: the victim must still be wearing their shoes. Another fun twist is to create a ‘hand sandwich’. Grab two pieces of bread, some cheese and an assortment of condiments. Carefully place the hand of the ‘Wacky Shack-ee’ between said bread, cheese and condiments. But be careful. Don’t wake the meat!”

Savage Brewtality consists of members of Rehasher, Army of Ponch, and Religious as Fuck.

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