Say Anything planning new album, claiming it will be edgier than “Is A Real Boy”

Say Anything planning new album, claiming it will be edgier than “Is A Real Boy”

In what is without a doubt the looongest blog post I’ve ever read Say Anything front-man, Max Bemis, says it all when it comes to his feelings and thoughts about the recent direction of the band and his life as a musician.  If you’ve got an hour to kill you can read the full thing but the gist is this: Being in a band has been tough on old Max and the pressures of their label RCA was almost more than he could bear.  He thought about quitting Say Anything and doing a solo album or a completely new band altogether but then he came to the realization that he loves doing Say Anything and instead is NEVER going to quit doing it.  Without any outside (or label) pressure the band is going to create a record that they really WANT to create and then release it on a label that is not RCA.  According to Max, the new album will be more in the vein of the band’s critically acclaimed debut album “Is A Real Boy”.  He states:

…we want to win over all of you who think that [Is A Real Boy] is the end-all-be-all of SA, so expect that if that’s your favorite record by us, you’re going to love this new one… So for those of you who have been begging for this direction from the band; something edgier, something crazier, something more progressive and wackier, something more SAY ANYTHING and not so everybody-else, we invite you to join us in this new chapter and stay tuned for what we hope is what you’ve been waiting for this whole time.

Say Anything released their last album November 3rd on RCA.

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