Showbread announce details on free fifth album

Showbread announce details on free fifth album

showbread2We wrote a little over a month ago that Christian hardcore act Showbread had signed to Come&Live and would be releasing all future albums for free. The band has released more expansive details on their free fifth album and their decision to do this.

The album itself will be made available as a free download on the Come&Live website but in order to curb the costs of providing the album for free, Come&Live is asking for donations. You can click here to find out what the minimums are if you want to donate and what you get if you get if you pledge a certain amount. The more you pledge, the better the ‘reward’.

To read more about the band’s decision to release this album for free, click here.

Showbread released The Fear Of God last August on Tooth & Nail Records.

“Showbread has been a band for twelve years. We have played hundreds (perhaps thousands) of shows, traveled to numerous countries, met thousands of people and experienced more than any of us can cram into our memories. During that time our goal as a band has remained constant: Use Showbread to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with every available resource, specifically using our uninhibited God-given creativity. This has included the utilization of our musical as an instrument to preach as well as worship, reaching out to make personal connections with our fans, friends and other bands, and to work to dispel misconceptions about following Jesus in a young culture that has often been misled. Tremendously flawed as we may be, Showbread has remained steadfast in our vision that we exist as a band for one purpose only: to proclaim the name of Jesus.

For a large part of Showbread’s “career” we have existed as a part of the musical industry. The more our band excelled, the more we realized the challenge of pursuing our calling as a ministry while navigating the professional waters of the industry. We have experienced many ups and downs: wonderful record sales, poor record sales, sold out concerts, and concerts with only seven audience members. Through it all we have always fought to embrace our trials as well as our blessings and trust that as long as God has ordained our art and ministry He will certainly continue to use it as a tool to do His work. We acknowledged and accepted that Jesus would provide for our needs whether we were “successful” within the industry or not. This mentality creates a paradox within the “business” of music. It can be difficult to convince record labels, managers, radio stations, etc. to believe in and support your artistic vision when your ultimatum as a band is not making money or selling records, but rather doing the will of Christ even if it means changing only a single heart with a single record.”

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