Stream “Our Hearts” off upcoming Antillectual album “Start From Scratch”

Stream “Our Hearts” off upcoming Antillectual album “Start From Scratch”

Antillectual have posted another new song off their upcoming album Start From Scratch. The song is titled “Our Hearts” and you can give it a listen (as well check out the liner notes and lyrics) here.

The band had this to say on the song:

As if we planned it: in the week that we stream “Kraken Gaat Door!” the anti-squatting law is installed. In the week we stream “Some of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters” it turns out to be world vegetarian day. Last week we streamed “Chinese Takeover” and Liu Xiaobo (a Chinese political prisoner) wins the Nobel Peace Prize. A decision heavily criticized by Chinese authorities. The Nobel Prize committee responded: “[It is] a message to the world, that while we appreciate very much that China is becoming an economical and political power, with power comes responsibility, and you have to be prepared for and accept criticism and debate.” Sounds familiar …

So what to expect this week? Our stream is a song written (music & words) by our former bass player Yvo, sung by our current bass player Tom. So a good week for lovers of Yvo, Smash the Statues, D-beat-alike music and personal resistance.

“Start From Scratch” is planned for a November 1 release and until then the band will be streaming one new song from the album each week.

The band’s last album Testimony was released in 2008.

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