Street Dogs fight neo-Nazis at St. Patrick’s Day show

Street Dogs fight neo-Nazis at St. Patrick’s Day show

According to OC Weekly, fighting broke out at Boston punk band Street Dogs‘ St. Patrick’s Day show at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California, when a group of neo-Nazis “tried to instigate fights and roughhouse people of color in the pit.” Frontman Mike McColgan took notice and told the audience that anyone who discriminates against people based on the color of their skin should “get the fuck out because it’s not 1939 anymore.”

The band continued with their set, but while they were playing “Final Transmission,” things took a turn for the worse. The neo-Nazis started to march in the pit, with one of the “men” even going as far as mocking the band with the Nazi salute.

As the video below shows (from around the 4:40 mark on), Street Dogs members then hopped off the stage and began fighting the neo-Nazis, and the rest of the pit was quick to join in. Guitarist Lenny Lashley was hit in the head with a chair that was thrown from an upstairs balcony, but he luckily wasn’t hurt too badly.

And in spite of everything that happened, after the racist assholes had been removed from the venue by security, the band got back up on stage and finished the show.

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