Strung Out: Premiere “Black Crosses” off upcoming album “Agents Of The Underground”, announce national headline tour

Strung Out: Premiere “Black Crosses” off upcoming album “Agents Of The Underground”, announce national headline tour

strung-out-agents-of-the-undergroundStrung Out have premiered the track, “Black Crosses” off their upcoming album “Agents Of The Underground” over at  The album is being released September 29th on Fat Wreck Chords and you can download the “Black Crosses” mp3 for free right here.

The release of “Agents Of The Underground” corresponds with the band’s 20th anniversary and to celebrate Strung Out has announced a national headlining tour.  Check out the Dying Scene Shows page for the dates.

Strung Out have been a huge scene influencer since their inception 20 years ago.  Head over to the Full Story page to hear what members of Thrice, Rise Against and Avenged Sevenfold have to say about how the band influenced them.

“I remember hearing Another Day In Paradise for the first time back in ’94 and being so blown away by it– fast, melodic, energetic, metal-influenced punk rock, with beautiful harmonies and some of the best musicianship I’d ever heard in a punk band– that I followed them around the West Coast like a Deadhead. I couldn’t get enough of them. Strung Out was the soundtrack to some of the best (and worst) moments of the 90’s for me. They were a huge influence on Thrice in our early stages, and I don’t think I’d be in a band today if they didn’t pique my interest in music back then.” – Riley Breckenridge, drums/Thrice

“Some of our very first tours were opening for Strung Out, so I had the opportunity to see them live over and over. Growing up in the punk scene, but always having one foot in the metal scene, I appreciated the metal they blended together with pop and punk. Jason is one of the most compelling frontmen/lyricists in punk, and added imagery and intellect to a pop-punk scene inundated with goofy songs about farts or bad break-ups. Their complex riffs and harmonies challenged and inspired the scores of bands that would walk in their footsteps.”
– Tim McIlrath, vocals, guitars/Rise Against

“Strung Out was a major contributor to my musical influences growing up. Aside from metal, I was listening to a lot of west coast punk rock. Strung Out was different for me because they blended the sounds of melodic punk and metal unlike any band I had heard before them. They could play very well and very fast but still kept one foot in the punk rock scene. I still love throwing on Strung Out to hear the soundtrack to some of my greatest summers.” – M. Shadows, vocals/Avenged Sevenfold

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