Strung Out’s “Element of Sonic Defiance” to be released on vinyl

Strung Out’s “Element of Sonic Defiance” to be released on vinyl

strung-out Strung Out‘s album Element of Sonic Defiance, originally released in 2000, is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is being re-released on Fat Wreck Chords‘s Classic Vinyl Series.  The vinyl version will be out June 8th, so either pre-order it or wake up early on June 8th to get your copy.

Band members Jake and Jordan provided some insight on what recording the album in 2000 was like:

The Element of Sonic Defiance was a very special and important album in the progression of Strung Out. We can remember writing it and feeling like we had no limits or boundaries on us and that it was the most dynamic stuff we had written up ‘til that point. It may have seemed like a big change to our fans but it really was an honest extension of a lot of the stuff we were doing on Twisted By Design, as well as our first recording with Chris. At the time it seemed like a lot of people didn’t quite get it, but now it’s become a cult classic to a lot of our fans. It’s for sure an album we’re all quite proud of and we wouldn’t change nothing about it. We’re happy that it’s finally coming out on vinyl for all our fans that still love records.

The band is getting ready to go on tour in June.  Check out dates and locations on the Dying Scene Shows page.

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