Sublime adds new singer and invents creative new band name

Sublime adds new singer and invents creative new band name

sublime-with-romeSo this is sorta old news now but I’m only just getting around to posting it, and it might actually be new news to some of you.  As you may have heard, Sublime‘s lead singer Bradley Nowell died of a heroine overdose in 1996.  Yes, its true.  But that’s not the new news I’m talking about.  After Nowell’s death, the remaining members disbanded until about a year ago when they added a new singer (Rome Ramirez) to fill the rather large shoes of Nowell.  With Ramirez on the mic, the band began playing again under their former name Sublime until the Nowell family sued them for use of the moniker and a judge officially banned them from using it.  Doh.  Still with me?  Good, because now it’s time for the “new” news and the point of this post.

The artists formerly known as Sublime, after finding their new lead singer Rome Ramirez, have officially chosen their new band name.  And without further ado I’d like to present it to you.  It is….  wait for it… here it comes…  “Sublime With Rome”!  Incredibly creative, guys.  Good work.

You can check out Rome’s singing ability on a new Sublime (With Rome) song right here.

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