Suburban Home Records will give you a free album

Suburban Home Records will give you a free album

suburbanhomeTo celebrate Suburban Home Records‘ 14th anniversary they’re giving YOU a gift; a free album of your choosing.  Not a crappy comp with a bunch of songs you already have.  Not an album they just can’t sell or get rid of.  Basically, any album you want from their catalog.  Pretty sweet deal if you ask us.  Why, you ask?  Good question.  Here’s their answer:

We hope that our offer to give you a free album will entice you to pick a release from one of our artists and hope that it will encourage you to tell others to grab an album, too. … We hope that this offer gets you to listen to a release that you might otherwise never listen to. Please tell your friends about this, post it on your Facebook, Retweet the post, post it on your blog, and/or do something absolutely unthinkable and tell a friend over the phone or in person.

Click to the Full Story page for details on how to get your free album.

There are just a few, easy steps:

1. Visit this url:
2. Fill in your email address (the download code will be emailed to your email so make sure it is valid)
3. Answer if you would like to join our email list and then select the album you want us to send to you.
4. We know that if you really wanted to, you could do this more than once, but we please ask that you only pick one album for Free Download.

That is all you have to do. We will email codes every day that you can reimburse for one, free album download (of 320 Kbps mp3s). This isn’t automated so know that it might be as long as a day before you get your free download. And know that this offer expires when September is over.

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